The founder of Cakar Tekstil, Izzet Cakar began his journey in the world of textiles as a child, while working with his father, a famous leather and textile goods trade man. At that time, in developing Turkey, the textile business was really in the very beginning. Izzet Cakar’s destiny though had been decided and, driven by the same passion his father had, after successfully graduating from University he started his own career. He worked for many years as a salesman for one of the most important yarn producing companies, in Bursa, the Turkish capital of textiles.

Back in 1978, our founder Mr. Izzet Cakar started the trading of synthetic yarns. Due to his extraordinary talent in yarn trading, he was widely recognized as one of the best. He later decided to put his talent to a better use and to invest in a yarn twisting plant that, through the years, confirmed his success in the industry. His aim was not just to produce twisted yarns but to satisfy the customers with the highest quality by using the latest technology. In 1997, the production of high quality twisted yarns was followed by fancy yarns.

As today, Ca-kar Textile Industry and Trading Inc. continues to produce based on customer satisfaction and its high quality is unrivaled. Our company works with both, local and foreign companies and we are proud of the fact that many countries around the world are using our yarns. Despite the many crisis of the last decade, our company has kept on growing and we proved, to ourselves and to our customers, that keeping the highest quality is indeed the right strategy for a long lasting and successful business. We aim to continue improving our company and to remain one of the leader companies in this sector.